Case Study: A Brand is Born

Dead Air Silencers

Establishing a premium brand

Dead Air Silencers started as an idea just as many companies do. This one, however, came together like the forces of the universe were behind it. The right people came together with ease and the production partners came on board quickly. Next, all that was left was how to position it.

We received a call from one of the founders with the idea and company name. In keeping with the trend of things coming together perfectly, the logo design was born - something that couldn’t be more fitting when it comes to a logo design. It was modern, it was edgy, and it was timeless. It served as a boost of instant validity and professionalism.

To launch the brand, we started with the assets the company already had - great, trust-worthy, well-known, industry veterans. This transpired into our first set of ad campaigns, landing page, and catalog of offerings.

Now that the face of the company was established, we were able to move on with our main objective - to position Dead Air Silencers as a premium brand in the market place that delivers consistency, top notch engineering, and product support follow through.

Like a mad dash, the company was established and required the full website build, ad campaign, packaging design, and even the owner’s manuals. Dead Air catapulted into becoming a household brand name in the silencer market.

Our relationship continues on with product launches, supporting photography, on-going design needs, and website updates.

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We've had the pleasure of working with TRB from the earliest inception of Dead Air Silencers. Without question, Josh and his team are the best. They provide us with turn key service across every facet of our marketing needs. No one understands the firearm consumer better than Josh and Dead Air Silencers has been incredibly fortunate to have TRB as a partner.

-Eric Rogers, CEO, Dead Air Silencers

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