What We Do

We are not pixel pushers, we are problem solvers and creators. Simply put, we take your business mottos, mission statements, core beliefs, and product positioning and put them into a visual form that quickly communicates these same beliefs to your potential consumers. This creates a bond between you and your customer, making them more satisfied, educated, and loyal.

Why Work With Us?

For 10 years we have been a specialized firm with 100% of our clients coming from the outdoor and sporting industries. Unlike most agencies, we are not in the business of making things pretty. We are in the business of making you money. That’s why your message and your true branding, the DNA your company was built on, needs to be clear in all things visual that the public sees.

Website Design & Development

You can only take so many shortcuts before you run out of gas. Shortcuts are worthless if they take up more resources than going the long way. Discover your goals, develop a solution. That’s the way it should be done. This isn’t the time for a one-size-fits-all template approach. We are not in business to build you yet another template website. There’s plenty of services out there for that. For some it’s a great fit, but for established businesses and those that care just a bit more about growing their business, we’re here for you. No one should care more about your business than you, so why trust something as paramount as your website to the lowest bidder?

Visual Identity Development

Some call it your “Brand,” but they would be wrong. You already have your brand. Your brand runs a lot deeper than your logo. You know it and we know it, but you need everyone else to know it. We are not in the business of building your brand. That starts at the top - with you. Branding is the way you interact with customers, the style of your sales process, all the way down to how you answer the phone. What we do is give the best representation of your brand in a visual meme, also known as a logo. You don’t believe a logo is about what’s merely cool looking, you know it’s an experiment in company DNA exploration and exploitation. We aim to project that into a carefully crafted logo design that mirrors the way you do business so customers know what to expect.

Trade Show Graphics

When it comes to large scale, not only are you representing your products, but you are also representing your company. Too much information and you’ve lost the customer, too little, and you leave nothing to be digested. You’ve worked hard to represent your products across all mediums possible, and maybe you’ve even successfully been consistent about the message you’re sending. Don’t ignore your story when it comes to trade shows. This is about an experience. What do you want your potential customers to feel when they are visiting your booth?


Cool is one thing, effective is another. Tell a story, exploit your product’s benefits. We’re end users, we know what the selling points are. A beautiful image is more than just aesthetics. How well are your photos representing the quality of your products and company philosophy? A photo tells a story not only about the product, but also represents your company. When you pour your heart and soul into the design and production of your product, what do you think the customer is thinking when they see poor photos of it?

Packaging Design

Of course, your packaging needs to stand out. Maybe look different than all the other competing products on the shelf. But more importantly, unlike an ad or catalog, your packaging can be the first point of contact or the last in the purchasing process (note that we did not say “sales process”). What this means is there is a chance that a customer may have never even heard of your product until it’s staring at them on the retail floor. Or conversely, it could be the result of the hard work you put into not only correctly positioning yourself with a carefully crafted brand, but a skillfully engineered product. If you’re in the firearms or defense industry, chances are retail may be a bit different for you than other industries. After all, due to the locked cases and various methods of product display found in retail establishments, not all of your packaging is even seen by the customer until it’s packed up in a shopping bag. So why care about it if they don’t see the box until they’ve already purchased? It’s because you don’t sell garbage. You don’t sell a commodity. And you want that customer to walk away feeling proud of their purchase. Your packaging helps solidify the story you’ve put so much effort into crafting - especially when you’re pushing quality.

Literature Design

Print is dead. Do you believe that? It’s a convincing argument. Especially when you don’t have to print 10,000 websites to hand out at a trade show. Maybe we’ll see the death of printing, just not any time soon. We’ll leave the fortune telling to the geeks. Meanwhile let’s deal with reality. The reality is we’re a tangible society. We like to have and feel things in our hands. We like to physically have control. We like to engage as many of our senses as possible, both as marketers, but as human beings as well. And that’s not going away anytime soon just because the digital junkies say so. Digital realms have only brought more importance to the rest of your touch points with your customers.

Advertisements & Campaigns

Your product is not for everyone; and it shouldn’t be. If you’re not alienating a market segment, then your message simply isn’t strong enough. Why spend all that money on an annual ad run only to get lazy on the content or cheap on the creation? Why run the same bloated ad for 12 months straight? Simplicity in delivery is key. We are here to clearly communicate your product benefits in the simplest, most effective way possible. And this isn’t done by listing every product and service you offer in a 1/4 page ad.