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Gemtech Packaging

LaserLyte packaging gets a facelift! (Along with a matching ad campaign and catalog)

New packaging for Daniel Defense upper receiver groups and accessories.

What better to give your customers and dealers than a badass mousepad repping your favorite brand?

FNH USA vehicle wrap design - 2010 Ford Raptor

AWC Munitions is a division of AWC Systems Technology. AWC has finally brought its military ammunition to the civilian market. This is not your average ammunition. The T&E behind it is some of the most exhaustive and thorough in the industry, bringing you consistency rarely seen in any other ammunition manufacturer. Every bit of it is match grade. AWC Munitions offers self-defense, suppressor-enhanced, mil-spec and sub-sonic loads ranging from 9mm up to 50BMG.

The AK Battlegrip (AKBG) in all its simplicity is truly revolutionary for the AK market. It’s a product that does exactly what it states: Drives your hand up into the gun. Believe it or not, this simple upgrade completely changes the feel (for the better) of the AK family of rifles. No more will your grip suffer from holding on to a tiny wood stick hanging from the receiver. Check them out at SGCUSA or One Source Tactical.

Hot off the press! Look for the final AK30 product launch late October. I’m very excited to be a part of all of US PALM’s (Primary Armament Logistical Manufacturing) upcoming product launches. Not only was their marketing material a fun project, I got to do some great T&Eing on some cool stuff! Teaser ad is also now running in SWAT magazine.

This is the backing card design and AK30 logo type design that will be put in the packaging of the new AK30 magazine.

Scottsdale Gun Club needed an upscale retail bag for their retail customers. We opted for a matte coated tote bag with reinforced eyelets - but didn’t stop there, Of course we had to torture test it to make sure it would hold all the heavy things that could be put in a bag from a gun store. The torture test was pretty inclusive!

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