Ad Design

US PALM ad introducing their newest armor kit.

We were commissioned through Guns & Tactics Magazine to create an ad announcing the availability of the Caracal F into the United States.

The first in a series, Amtec Less-Lethal full page ad promoting their new full-service training facility grand opening.

We have the privilege to work with a couple non-profit and awareness organizations benefiting fallen warriors. Operation Hawkeye is on “A Mission to Honor Fallen Special Operations Warriors & their Families: 8.6.11 and Beyond.”

Keeping with the theme of the new catalog and packaging rebranding we did for LaserLyte, these ads announce some of their newer products to consumers across multiple magazine titles.

A handful of ads from the Daniel Defense ad campaign showing off the reliability and demand of their rifles in use with professionals and civilians alike.

Upon AWC’s acquisition of Surgeon Rifles we wanted to make their next ad make multiple statements, even if some were subtle. We created the ad to look more like a strategic partnership between the two companies and their complimentary products.

US PALM is on a roll, not only releasing new products that are ready to SHIP when they announce them, but each product is designed with a specific purpose and goal. They continue to deliver.

A much needed upgrade to their old ad we simplified the content and delivered the facts in a unique way that doesn’t require multiple images and a massive bullet point list. Complete with a call to action at the bottom.

A slick sheet announcing the distributing partnership between Daniel Defense and Contour Cameras.

Ambush Firearms 1/2 page ad announcing the new 6.8 to the hunting market.

Scottsdale Gun Club ad campaign geared towards locals looking for something new and fun to do, whether it’s with friends on the weekend, or a quick break after work to let off some steam.

Following the success of the original DDM4v1, Daniel Defense announced a new rifle line up. This included the highly demanded lightweight rifles, as well as the popular mid-length gas system rifle, the DDM4v5.

A great ad coupled with a great product equals huge success. The Defender body armor fills a void by making soft body armor a realistic option for everyday Americans. The Defender has multiple configurations, is priced right, and made by a reputable company. This ad got the word out.

Cerakote had 3 messages they wanted to get across, their finish is practical at Any Time, Any Place, and Any Condition. The durability of their ceramic finish is unmatched and the ad delivers the content to prove it.

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